Solutions Request Process + Request Advancement

Step 1: Submission of Request

  • Request submitted online or via ITS Support Center
  • Notification: Automated Email
  • Timeframe: Immediate

Step 2: Review of Request

  • ITS Solution Team reviews request
  • Objective: Requests will be reviewed for the following:
    • Can the request be fulfilled by a standard ITS service?
    • Is the solution or solution's capability already present at Mason?
    • Will the request for the solution or capability require new software and review by the ASRB?
    • Does the request meet the criteria of an ITS project?
  • Additional Note: Requests that require IT solutions will progress to Step #3. All other requests will be submitted to the applicable ITS Service Workflow queue.
  • Notification: Requestor is contacted by ITS team member
  • Timeframe: 1 Week

Step 3: ITS & Requestor Consultation

  • ITS Solution Team member sets up a face-to-face meeting with Requestor
  • Objective: The objective of this meeting is to obtain a high-level understanding of the business needs, inform the requestor of the next steps regarding the review, work collaboratively on the approval and prioritization of the request through the applicable architectural, project or governance processes and complete any applicable questionnaires.
  • Additional Notes: The Solution Request Team is comprised of individuals within ITS, Purchasing and Academic Innovation and New Ventures. The team offers expertise in architecture review, business analysis, project management and purchasing.
  • Notification: Requestor contacted by ITS team member
  • Timeframe: Meeting scheduled within 3 weeks of review based on Requestor's schedule

Request Advancement

After utilizing the ITS Solution Request service, the request is advanced through its appropriate pathway:

If Recommended For:

  • Leveraging a present capability
    • Timeframe: 3-4 Weeks to research eligibility
  • Governance Approval, Prioritization
    • ASRB Review
    • Project Submission
    • ITGG Review
    • ITS Senior Leadership Review
    • Timeframe: 3 weeks to 2 Months
  • Project Portfolio Queue
    • Project Portfolio Review
    • Resource Review
    • Project Activation (dependent on resources)
    • Timeframe: Monthly Review
  • Project Execution
    • Project Lifecycle
    • Project Schedule
    • Timeframe: Schedule Specific