Solution Request Process Benefits

ITS recognizes that answers to business needs often involve some type of Information Technology solution. These solutions can be highly effective and efficient, but may also pose a significant institutional risk if not fully assessed. Similarly, we realize that great ideas can lose momentum when there’s not clear communication around time frames and paths that will lead to successful solution development and implementation.

Here’s where ITS’s new Solution Request service can truly make a difference. Using this process, you can expect:

A reduction of submission time-on-task and improved ability to meet fiscal/funding deadlines through:

  • A streamlined intake process
  • Clear point(s) of contact
  • Expedited submission reviews (3 weeks or less)
  • Expertise-based reviews and documentation support

A fully, integrated assessment during the review stage of your request, which can reduce or eliminate delays in the associated processes to help ensure the following up front:

  • That a thorough solution recommendation is provided prior to a purchase request being submitted
  • That appropriate parties are engaged in a timely fashion if the IT solution must be integrated an enterprise level application(s)
  • That appropriate parties are engaged in a timely fashion if the solution requires authentication or network security layers to obtain access
  • That sensitive university data is not at risk
  • That the solution meets the needs of the campus population with disabilities

An expedited communication structure with status updates during the request service lifecycle, which include:

  • Automated notifications when a request has been received and/or moved to the next step of the process
  • Ability to track your request using the ITS Service Portal
  • Details provided upfront regarding possible resource requirements, process steps, related step requirements, and available pathways for your request
  • Improved tracking of new applications/software in the Nascent software inventory database