Service Summary

ITS offers Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service, analog phone lines, and Microsoft Teams Softphone service.

Service Offerings

Analog Line

Analog lines are available for fax, modem, elevator, fire alarm, student line, classroom phone, etc.

Microsoft Teams Softphone Calling

Calling in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) supports Phone System features such as making and answering calls, placing calls on hold, forwarding calls, and more. You are also able to make 1:1 calls or conference calls. All of your calls will be listed in your call history so you can see who you talked to, on what day, and for how long.


Telephone lines and voice mailboxes are provided for faculty, staff, departmental spaces, and student organizations. Each department has an assigned Telecom Coordinator who handles the administration and requesting of telephone services for all members of the department.

University-Owned Mobile Devices

ITS provides setup instructions for most mobile devices (Apple and Android) and support on a limited basis. Mason does not issue or provide university-owned mobile devices and related services to individual employees. However, employees may be eligible for a mobile device stipend based on unit budget, availability, and position requirement. The university will continue to provide cell phones in unique circumstances, such as:

  • Police Department
  • Athletics coaches for Title IX compliance