Service Summary

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool to conduct survey research, evaluations, and other data collection activities. The Mason community can use this research suite to build and send surveys then analyze and export responses—all from any online location, 24/7.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: allow other users to view, edit, distribute, or analyze your survey
  • Robust survey tools:
    • Quick Survey Builder: Create from Copy
    • Rich text editor for formatting questions and answers
    • Types of questions: multiple choice, matrix table, Likert scale, text entry, slider rank order, drill-down, etc.
    • Question options: number of answer choices; single, multiple, or drop-down choice selection; rearranging choices in a question; automatic choice & label text
    • Logic types: Display logic; Skip logic; Branch logic
    • Force response; request response; content-type validation; error messages
    • Optional back button: take survey only once (prevent ballot-box stuffing); valid from/until
    • Add graphics: Embed YouTube videos
  • Distribution Methods: survey link; email with a unique link; email history; reminder emails
  • Panels (mailing list with additional embedded data)
  • Randomization: Qualtrics supports survey-based experiments and features a block and question randomizer tool for experimental trials to evenly present elements
  • Reports: Download to CSV, SPSS, XML
  • Message library (invitations, reminders, thank you)

Service Offerings

Users may gain access to Qualtrics by contacting the administrator assigned to their organization.

If you have additional administrative needs, please refer to the service offerings listed below.

Qualtrics: Move from Mason Remote to Enterprise

This is used when a user who currently has an account under one of the departmental Mason Qualtrics brands must be moved into a division within the brand. This requires the approval of both the originating and the destination administrators.

Qualtrics: Non-Mason Transfer to Mason Qualtrics

This is used when a user who currently has an account within a non-Mason brand needs to move surveys into a division within This should only be used to bring surveys along with the user. If the user does not have any surveys to transfer to Mason, there is no reason to move the account as all the account settings will be changed to match the Mason configuration. This requires the approval of the destination administrator.

Qualtrics: New Division Request

This is used when a group within the Mason community would like to create a division within This requires a Division Owner and Division Administrator (must be two separate faculty/staff members). The Division Owner must be a director level or higher. Because a user can only exist in one brand and one division at any time, the Division Administrator must only be a member of the division they are administering.

You must provide reasons to establish a new division—there is no division for your organization within Mason (College, School, Division, etc.); your group requires permissions different than the permissions set for your organization; the number of people in your group is larger than the organization is willing to administer; other reasons that may arise.

Qualtrics: Change Division Admin Request

This is used to add or remove a Division Administrator within (does not remove the account). This requires the approval of the Division Owner. There must be at least one administrator for every division. There can be more than one administrator for each division. A user can only administer the division they are a member of and a user can only be a member of one division.

Qualtrics: Transfer User between Divisions

This is used to move the user and any attached surveys between two divisions within This requires the approval of both the originating and the destination administrators.