Service Summary

ITS provides email accounts and security to students, faculty, and staff.

Service Offerings

ITS offers the following email services and security.

MasonLive for Students

MasonLive is the official email system for students at George Mason University and is limited to Mason students. Your email address is your username (Mason NetID) followed by

> Log in to MasonLive.

Office 365 Email for Employees

Office 365 is the university's email and calendar system for faculty and staff and is fully supported by the ITS Support Center. Access Office 365 via the login at using your Mason credentials (Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Office 365 email accounts contain the domain name.

> Log in to Office 365.

Email Security: IronPort Anti-Spam


The IronPort Anti-Spam filter examines the content, construction, and senders of all incoming messages to Mason email accounts to eliminate known and emerging mail threats, including malicious content and mass-produced, unsolicited bulk email (spam).

All email messages are automatically filtered by the IronPort system. You can access your quarantined items through IronPort.

> Log in to IronPort Anti-Spam.

Email Security: URL Rewriting

Incoming Email URL Filtering

As an added measure of security, Mason's antivirus and antispam protection systems evaluate links in incoming emails to determine if they have a reputation that is either unknown or malicious. Links with reputations for being either unknown or malicious will be rewritten, allowing them to be further evaluated when clicked. The rewritten links will start with (Note: you will see the rewritten link only when hovering over the link or if you are reading the email in plain text.)

Group Accounts

Information Technology Services provides generic email accounts that are email accounts in which the account name is not linked to an individual’s name but is instead linked to a campus organization, club, or department. A staff or faculty member assumes all responsibility for the activity on the account, including password resets and any abuse of the account.  Email for Groups can only be requested by the staff or faculty member who has agreed to sponsor the account. Students may not sponsor generic email accounts.


Email distribution lists (LISTSERV) streamline communication to subscribers by allowing messages to be sent to an entire group at once using only the email address of the list. Mason provides a LISTSERV application for faculty, staff, and university organizations and departments.

  • Send emails to a large group of people without having to type individual emails.
  • Send replies via a LISTSERV sends the response to the entire listserv.
  • Manage users via a LISTSERV management website.

Each list must have a primary owner but may have additional owners as well.

> Log in to LISTSERV.