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Category: Network & Internet Services

Information on network and internet access for Mason employees and students, as well as guests visiting the university.

Cable Television

Service Summary Cable TV is available to students living in residence halls, University Townhouses, and departments. Service Offerings

Network Access

Service Summary George Mason University provides wired and wireless network access for faculty, staff, students, and guests in every campus facility. Access to the wired… (READ MORE)

Network Access: Remote Access

Service Summary ITS offers remote access services to business applications, such as Banner Admin, MicroStrategy, and Enterprise CUI (eCUI). You will need to use two-factor… (READ MORE)

Network Security

Service Summary ITS is committed to providing a secure platform for Mason computers and users in a dynamic and fluid computing environment.  ITS employs several… (READ MORE)

Website Name (DNS) Request

Service Summary Internet resources such as websites, servers, and printers are assigned domain names for identification purposes. A Domain Name Server (DNS) translates domain names… (READ MORE)