Service Summary

ITS supports a variety of public domain and site-licensed software to the Mason Community. Individual departments purchase and administer the distribution of other licenses. University-owned software may only be installed on university-owned or leased equipment. ITS provides the following:

  • Assist with software configuration
  • Ensure compliance with applicable policies, regulations, and laws
  • Realize potential cost savings
  • Facilitate and expedite the procurement process with existing vendors

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Support Levels

ITS offers the following levels of software support:

Full Support full support

These software applications are fully supported by ITS. Supported applications have few or no known incompatibilities with Mason’s computing environment. Every effort will be made by ITS to find a solution to problems within applications. This may include remote help for support or additional assistance from the vendor. ITS staff receives training in these applications as appropriate.

Limited Support or ITS Provisioned-Only

ITS provides these software applications via Software Center, JAMF, or other end-point management systems. ITS staff may assist users in installing the application for supported operating systems. The software may be packaged or disbursed by ITS staff and self-installed by the user. ITS staff have not necessarily received training on the application and do not support the functional operation of the application, but will refer users to self-support sites, Mason instructors, vendors, or departmental support when known.

No Support or Restricted Use no support or restricted use

These software applications may be present in classrooms or computer labs but for problems related to use, ITS staff will refer users to online support sites, vendors, or departmental IT support. These may include titles purchased by a specific college, department, or research group and access to the installation media for these titles may be limited to non-ITS personnel who can facilitate the install process for you.

Software Offerings

Distribution of licensed software varies according to the application; specifics are provided on individual software information pages listed below. For software not listed on this page, please contact the ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 or Software requests are processed during normal business hours. The following software applications are available. Please select or tap on the software titles for more details.

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Additional Information

Technology Labs & Lab Software

Mason has both virtual and physical lab spaces on several campuses for students to use. Hours of Operation and information about labs and lab services are available on the Technology Labs service page. See the list of available software to determine which labs have the software you need.

Architecture Standards Review Board (ASRB)

The Architecture Standards Review Board (ASRB) is responsible for reviewing, verifying compliance, and providing recommendations with regards to new/upgraded software or hardware procurement projects.

In order to comply with Mason's procurement policy, the ASRB requires the submission of a Business Case Project Summary.

The purpose of the Business case project summary is to communicate the business need to ITS. The University and ITS may already have supported software or hardware available that can be used. Additionally, ITS may have existing contracts with various vendors that can expedite the procurement process.

To find information based upon what the University currently supports, please see details in the Software Listing service catalog entry.

For questions, please contact the ASRB via email at