Portfolio and Project Management Templates

The Project Management Framework includes a series of numbered templates that provide a method to capture the required project management information throughout the project’s lifecycle.  Templates are numbered to provide traceability and progress.  The following templates are used throughout the Project Lifecycle; for assistance with using any project template, contact the ITS PPMO at pmo@gmu.edu.

Core Project Management Templates

Core templates are those that are completed for ALL IT projects and form the basis of Mason’s Project Management Lifecycle.

IdentificationPrioritization Criteria Worksheet (PCW) ExcelThe starting point for ALL requests or projects. A 3-section questionnaire asking for general information, impact (benefits), and effort (costs) for the proposed project
IdentificationProject Request Summary
N/A Auto-generated, consolidated overview of the PCW information;
Contact ITS PPMO for additional information
InitiationProject CharterWordCaptures deliverables, team requirements, assumptions, risks needed to effectively plan the project; Provides the “definition of done”
PlanningPlanning DocumentWordIdentifies specific resources, schedule, work/effort, and refines assumptions, risks, and deliverables identified in the Charter and works alongside project schedule
DeliveryAcceptance of Deliverables WordApproval form that deliverable requirements met; May be used as many times as needed to account for acceptance of all deliverables
CloseoutProject Close Out Report WordOverview of project accomplishments, participants, and key successes as well as lessons learned from the project

Optional Project Management Templates

These templates provide optional tools for capturing information beyond the core project documentation – especially during a project’s planning phase.

Delivery/ Any Phase Approval to ProceedWordApproval form to continue project (go/no go approval) when a key decision point is identified and must be documented
Delivery Approval to OperateWordApproval to move one or more project deliverables to production; Primarily used for iterative and software development projects
All PhasesQuick Reference GuidePDFChecklist of the items and requirements
needed to navigate the Project Lifecycle