Portfolio and Project Management Policies

George Mason University
IT Project Management Policy 1310

Commonwealth of Virginia
IT Project Management Policy and Oversight

Projects and Commonwealth Level 2 Guidance

For projects in excess of $2 million, Mason will submit a request for review and send the requisite project initiation materials to the State CIO and the ITIB. The State CIO and the ITIB shall, within 30 days of receipt of a request for review and the requisite materials from Mason, provide a non-binding recommendation on that project to Mason, the Governor, and the General Assembly. If the ITIB provides a negative recommendation, Mason will await notice form the Governor before making a decision.

On a quarterly basis, Mason’s President, acting through the appropriate designee, shall report to the ITIB on the budget, schedule, and overall status of Mason’s major IT projects. This requirement does not apply to research projects, research initiatives, or instructional programs. The President, acting through the appropriate designee, will be responsible for decisions to substantially alter a project's scope, budget, or schedule after initial approval.

The State CIO and the ITIB shall continue to have the authority regarding project suspension and termination, and the State CIO and the ITIB will continue to provide Mason with reasonable notice of, and a reasonable opportunity to correct, any identified problems before a project is terminated. The documentation required within the PM Framework for projects of this size is fully compatible with the forms and reports VITA and ITIB need, as most framework templates and documents are based on VITA’s forms.