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Allen Santora

Allen always makes himself available and quickly resolves anything we ask of him, even if it's on a sudden notice. He made time and coordinated the redirect for our antivirus webpage to point to our new tool.

Scott Rendin

Tsinwah Lee

Tsinwah very quickly updated our antivirus website to remove our Symantec product and input language for our new tool. She is always very responsive and communicates through all steps of the process.

Scott Rendin

Richard Wood, Matt Berlejung and Rich Eggleton

When the university President, Chief of Staff and Provost take time out of their hectic schedules to write thank you messages for your good work, you know you're doing something right. Thank you for your continued dedication to ensure Mason thrives throughout this pandemic!

Susan Kehoe

Lauren Reese

How does Lauren Reese embody One ITS? Well, for starters, she has a box of green ITS polos. Another example occurred today. Today, I reached out to her and expressed my urgency for getting a service catalog page online because it was a sticking point for our full launch of Zoom. She created the entry within minutes. Then, after the URL changed in TeamDynamix (a mere hours later) she UPDATED the link to the correct link. No questions asked. I enjoy Lauren's positive attitude, go-getter spirit, and her smile. She is pretty awesome and has more insight and forethought than most, and we should reward that. Stay awesome Lauren!

Matthew Berlejung

Susan Kehoe

Susan has been tasked with shepherding non-ITS hosted events as they move to a virtual world. Susan embodies ITS's role as technology-enablers. She is polite, professional, and really really competent. If many recent events did not have her touch, they would have been worse for it. Thank you for all you do Susan, both inside and outside of ITS!

Matthew Berlejung

Robert Solander

Robert provided and in-depth report and explanation for determining the cause of a security related event. The information he provided greatly helped narrow the cause of the problem and he even volunteered to followup with the user.
The IT Security Office greatly appreciates his dedication and motivation to ensure that tasks are completed thoroughly.

Jose Siles-Gonzales


Alex Saleh, Ali Golkar, Dylan Gerhard, and Joshua Grant

In early April 2020, due to the Covid-19 shutdowns, we had to change our webcasting process quickly for an external client. Instead of running the webcast from their offices, we had to switch to remote audio-only webcasts from our offices. To make this work, we needed assistance from several ITS divisions to change router firewall settings for live H.264 streaming and install a new phone line in our offices.
All of these employees were courteous, timely, and responsive and held themselves to the highest standard. We had a client who needed testing confirmation and assurances immediately, and they stepped up and assisted us quickly during a time of transition for everyone. We could not have had a successful webcast without their support.
I wanted to express the gratitude of the Capitol Connection managers and staff to each of them for their contributions to our successful event.

Shirley Al-Jarani

Richard Wood, Matt Berlejung, Christina Frasson, and Rich Eggleton

The highly successful Leadership Town Hall would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of a core team. Our new reality proves more than ever, that it takes a village of dedicated, professional, responsible, empathic individuals working together help us all succeed!!
THANK YOU for being you and believing in the best of others.

Susan Kehoe

Patrick Tam

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we're all urged to work from home. I needed a large monitor for my work in addition to my laptop. Because my laptop was so old, it wouldn't connect to the new monitor. Patrick helped me get it set up so I could more easily work from home. A few days later, my very old laptop showed signs of breaking down, and I had to come into the office for a new one. Patrick came over and got my new machine set up (this took several hours). After I got it home, I ran into a couple of technical glitches (due to user ignorance). Patrick arranged for us to have a shared screen session, and got everything to work as it should. I am able to more smoothly work from home due to his dedication and professionalism. I know ITS has been slammed lately with the move to remote classes and remote working, but despite all this, I got what I needed to do my job. ITS rocks! Thanks!

Lisa Hitt


Christina Frasson

Terrific job monitoring and guiding the Faculty Senate Webex call regarding this semester’s grading. There were 261 attendees. This is the first time the Faculty Senate has held a meeting like this. Great work, Christina!

Marilyn Smith

DRob (David Robertson)

Despite exceptionally high call volume, Drob priroritzed our TDX change. He was clear in his communications with me, verifying the validity of the information posted, and ultimately Drob remains an amazing person.

Matthew Berlejung

Marcus Wilson

Marcus and I are working on several projects together, and recently attend ACCS where we were part of a team presentation. Marcus is always responsive and so helpful.
- He would stay on meetings longer than scheduled to help out as we prepared for our presentation.
- He always responds to my questions in a timely an thorough manner
- He is a team player through and through
- He has stayed composed and focused through Coronavirus preparations
What really touched me was how kind and thoughtful he was during our time at ACCS. Being 7 months pregnant (and during a pandemic) he was always lending a hand so to make things easier on me, and making sure I had plenty of hand sanitizer. It is people like Marcus who make you feel like you are truly part of a family. #ONEITS

Christina Frasson

Michael Vittori

Michael was so helpful when I called the CLUB today. During an outage, I reached out to Michael to see if he could help me get JC 311D's conference room system back online. Through multiple tests, he had a smile in his voice. I must have said "let's try one more thing" five times to him, literally. Ultimately, the problem was resolved by the vendor, and Michael tested the solution. Thanks Michael! Keep up the good work.

Matthew Berlejung

Sophie Luu

We needed 3 computers moved and set up as a result of renovations that we had done to our office. Sophia and 2 of her co-workers showed up at exactly the arranged time. I showed them what needed to be done. Each of them took one computer. Sophia and her co-workers worked efficiently and had the computers set up quickly. By doing so, Sophia and her co-workers minimized the impact on our staff. Once the work was completed, one of our staff had a question and they were all extremely courteous and professional in answering her question.

Julie Roberts

Arturo Lopez

We needed 3 computers moved and set up as a result of renovations that we had done to our office. Arturo and 2 of his co-workers showed up at exactly the arranged time. I showed them what needed to be done. Each of them took one computer. Arturo and his co-workers worked efficiently and had the computers set up quickly. By doing so, Arturo and his co-workers minimized the impact on our staff. Once the work was completed, one of our staff had a question and they were all extremely courteous and professional in answering her question.

Julie Roberts

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin helped configure and set up a new computer for us and also helped relocate one of our existing computers. Both of these tasks were associated with renovations made to our office space and the moving of office staff. Kevin was very patient and flexible working within our time constraints. He worked around tasks being done by other offices to complete the renovation and moves and he worked around the work schedules of our office staff trying to minimize the disruption to their work days. He was very responsive to all of my requests and was extremely prompt, courteous and respectful.

Julie Roberts

Lisa Carr

I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa on several projects. Is there a project she is not involved in? Is there anything about Mason she doesn't know? This speaks the importance of Lisa and the work she does. I've had to reach out to Lisa more and more frequently for her expertise. Every time she is so quick to respond and always has information or an important perspective to share. If she doesn't have the answer she will do the research and get back to me. Despite working on stressful projects our conversations are always so pleasant and we can even share a few virtual LOL's. It makes the day much easier to get through. Lisa doesn't just have a full plate, in fact I am convinced she may moonlight as a plate juggler because obviously she's perfected that skill at work. She is so dedicated to her work and to Mason. When you care that much it can make the good days great and the hard days miserable. She is a wonderful role model, and a true example of One ITS.

Christina Frasson


Arturo Lopez

Mr. Lopez communicated with me during a computer set up process at the start of the Spring 2020 semester. He was patient and accommodating with my schedule and great to work with!

Kim Paul

Matthew Tran

I am a current student at GMU. I am studying accounting and I am currently taking ACCT 361, which is an accounting analytics class. One of the requirements for this class is to have Microsoft Access. I own a Macbook Pro. Access is not compatible with Apple. Long story short, I had to download all these different operating systems and programs in order for me to have access to access through my mac. Matthew was truly an angel helping me through all of these. I came to see him 3 different times and the 3 times he was absolutely a genius. He knew exactly what to download, he knew which sites to go to and he helped me throughout the whole process. I had no clue what to do and where to go. I was so lucky to find Matthew. He was patience with me and he explained everything I needed to know. I am so thankful for his help. He is such a great IT expert. He definitely deserves recognition. Thanks.

Vanessa Casey

Steven Lindner

Steve joined ITS in April of 2019. He came of the starting blocks running and has only excelled. He has used his knowledge from past jobs, but had to come in and learn SCCM and business practices here. Not only does he do his job, but is asking questions, jumping in to learn any new materials, and volunteering beyond his scope. He runs around campus and not only fixes the immediate issue, but verifies that there are not others that need attention. Having learned all of the systems, he uses all of his resources to work for effectively to fulfill his duties, assist the faculty, and support his team members in their roles. He saves the rest of us from running around, comes up with creative solutions, and overall is just an outstanding team member. Thank you for helping and sometime saving us Steven! So glad your on our team. You are an asset!

Johanna Lizardi

Matt Berlejung and Christina Frasson

I received an urgent request to evaluate Webex Support Center so I went to Christina & Matt and asked if they could give me access so that I could evaluate. They not only gave me access but they also let me know their options, gave me links to support articles, and even reached out to the Cisco reps to get more information and options.
This is why I LOVE working with them, they're always super helpful, informative, and friendly.
Thanks again for your help today and everyday.

Jed Frye

Matt Cloutier, Hamza Tanveer, Stephan Saliba, Camille Brayshaw and Taj Kokayi

The Presidential Search Committee Meeting (02/07/2020) was a success because of the work of the people below:
Matt Cloutier had to find a very well-hidden network cage on a floor of a building I did not know existed (a 4th floor of the HUB).
Hamza Tanveer assisted Matt in moving the jacks to the right network, and he returns emails on his day off!
Then the part that we thought could not break, broke. I called the Star Lab and had wonderful assistance from these employees at the front desk: Stephan, who scrambled a camera and tripod. Camille and Taj both assisted Stephan in creating a great guest experience for me.
Thank you everyone!

Matthew Berlejung


Matthew Richards

Matt has been extraordinary! He has been our only Team Lead for a few months and made it look easy. We couldn't have done it without him and I'm grateful to have him on the ITS Team.

Stephanie Klare

Thomas Wakefield and Hoot Thompson

The VCL had been slow on the go for few days this week until it crawled to a near complete stop. Tom was amazing! He was very responsive, worked outside standard business hours, tested his fix and communicated the whole time. I'll work with Tom anytime!

Also a shoutout to Hoot for being such great support. He started it off with alerting Tom of the issue and hung on until the end. This isn't the first time I've heard Hoot's name shouted with glee from the rooftops and I'm sure it wont be the last.

Stephanie Klare

Luke Basich

I am an employee at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. I was having extreme difficulty synching up my Duo Mobile App with my GMU account in order to acess my Time Sheet. Luke was extremely patient and walked me through the process. We had many "retrys." I am so thankful for his help. He is knowledgeable, professional and very polite. He is an asset to the ITS Dept. at GMU. I am glad that I came in personally for help. Also may I add that Owura was also very kind and helpful over the phone the other day prior to me realizing I had to come in personally for help. I had many techno glitch problems. Thank you very much.

Anne Patsalosavvis

Robbie Hume

Robbie must be considered for a substantial raise based on his patience with me as he had helped to set up my student email account. He was professional, courteous, and very helpful as he navigated me through the muddled process of setting up my account. One just does not experience this kind of customer service nowadays, and I for one, was very appreciative of his overall demeanor.

This young man is a great representative of George Mason University!

Denalda Alexandre