About the Award

Classified staff, and non-student wage employees; must be employed by the ITS for at least one year and be in good standing

Nomination accepted from:
Classified staff, administrative/professional faculty, and wage employees.

Selection process:
Nominations will be reviewed by the EOM Awards Committee.

Brass plate displayed on plaque outside of CIO's office; two certificates; monetary award of $400; one-month pass to Mason gym facilities; two tickets to a performance at the Center for the Arts; Mason and ITS lapel pins; ITS Star paperweight; and an ITS blanket.

Form Instructions

Please fill out the form below. At least three of the five criterion/questions are required. Please be as descriptive in your responses as possible, as these are printed and shared with the nominee. Incomplete forms may delay or void your nomination. If you have any questions, please contact itseom@gmu.edu. Thank you.

Employee of the Month Nomination Form

  • Nominee Information

  • Example: “Artemis is always striving for the best possible outcome—whether it be a routine task, a major project, or an offer of advice—she is diplomatic in her response and has a way of making everyone involved feel like a team player. Artemis is a professional collaborator, which lends to the success of everyone with whom she works.”
  • Example: “Artemis is frequently complimented for her quick thinking and persistence and has become an essential resource for the department. She has become the 'go to' person for anyone in the department with a technical question. Artemis is the one who knows what to do or who to call when an issue arises.”
  • Example: “Artemis makes it a point to understand ITS’s larger goals and priorities and is able to quickly assess whether a particular solution or proposed course of action is in alignment. She also provides recommendations that address any potential disconnects.”
  • Example: “Artemis is an excellent communicator. She works across teams to ensure consistency and serves as a knowledge resource to her peers. Artemis acts with the highest integrity, always honoring her word and deadlines. She is a role model for all.”
  • Example: Artemis always goes the extra mile to organize a team-building lunch. She makes special note of birthdays and other memorable moments, whether it be with a card or thoughtful email, or even a small gift as token of appreciation.
  • Your Information

  • Supporter Information

  • PLEASE NOTE: Nominations are only considered after three (3) or more valid nominations have been received. Therefore, please enter at least one email address below for a colleague who might also consider submitting a supporting nomination. You may send to multiple addresses by separating them with a comma. They will receive an email containing a link to this form to complete their nomination. Please do not notify the nominee!

EOM Awardees

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May: Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson

Anthony joined Mason in May of 2004 with the Telecom Admin team. He is responsible for helping to maintain the university’s telecommunications services and applications like the PBX phone system, call center, voice mail, and also works on unified communications system administration, application programming, configuration, training, and trouble resolution. Anthony provides customer support, coordination, and administrative project coordination for special projects in conjunction with university mandated move projects, and new building end-user telephony implementation design requirements. As a member of the Telecom Admin team, he is also responsible for telephony ticket triage, which includes project coordination, technical customer consultations, needs analysis and assessments, problem resolution and recommendations.

Colleagues have said, “Anthony excels at organizing and establishing goals and gives more than the 100% required.” “He's a team player, a professional and compassionate person, and is always willing to hear others out.” “Anthony explains the ‘why’ behind a project and what it means for the future of the university, not just for Telecom.” “Besides being knowledgeable and helpful in his role, Anthony always has a positive attitude and/or smile on his face whenever I see him or speak to him on the phone.”

Congratulations to Anthony for being the May 2020 ITS Employee of the Month!

April: Andie Powell

Andie Powell

Andie joined Mason and the IT Portfolio and Project Management team in March of 2019. In her role as IT Project Manager, Andie leads IT projects and develops, fosters, and maintains business relationships with project stakeholders and ITS customers across the university. She assists customers with understanding the IT Project Management Framework and related business processes to ensure projects are managed efficiently. Andie also acts as a liaison to the ITS organization, assisting with capturing portfolio and project lifecycle information using project templates, monitoring the progress and deliverables in the IT Project portfolio, preparing communications, and assisting ITS Portfolio Owners.

Colleagues have said, “Andie's objective, calm and organized approach to her work, combined with her communication skills and respect for others, have made her quickly become a valued member of the ITS and Mason organizations!” “Andie's PM game is always on point. Everyone is yet to figure out the source of her magic.” “Andie is fantastic in working with others, her positive goal-driven approach inspires teamwork and project success!”

Congratulations to Andie for being the April 2020 ITS Employee of the Month!

March: Pam Thomson

Pam Thomson

Pam began working at Mason in August 2007 as a wage employee with the University Libraries, which at the time was part of ITS. In March 2008, Pam moved into a full-time role serving as Personnel/Administrative Specialist, the position she still holds today, but in an expanded capacity and now under the new title of ITS HR Liaison. In this role, Pam serves as the primary link between ITS and central Human Resources (HR) & Payroll, providing HR support to ITS on a variety of complex, on-going activities, special projects, services and outreach initiatives. She also provides coordination and support to the Deputy CIO and the CIO for all HR activities within ITS.

Colleagues have said, “Pam cares deeply about Mason, ITS, each team within ITS and each and every one of us as individuals.” “Pam owns our HR processes. She holds herself and ALL of ITS to the HR standards regarding privacy, equity and professionalism.” “Pam is peerless in her integrity and teamwork, and is consistently seeking innovative solutions.” “Pam recognizes the need for a balanced workforce and helps us achieve that common goal. She is precise, timely and thoroughly professional.”

As further testament to Pam’s incredible work ethic and reputation, it should be noted that this is her third time being awarded as the ITS Employee of the Month, the first of which took place in December 2009 and then again in May 2018. Pam was also the Mason EOM for July 2010.

Congratulations to Pam for being the March 2020 ITS Employee of the Month!

February: Toni Mehrman

Toni Mehrman

Toni joined Mason in April 2011 as a wage employee working as a Data Entry Technician. In August 2013, Toni transitioned into a full-time role with the ITS Finance team where she now serves as Finance Specialist. On a day-to-day basis, Toni provides financial support to all areas of ITS. She is responsible for conducting a variety of activities including preparing financial reports, coordinating annual hardware and software maintenance renewals, assisting with expenditure reconciliations, ordering equipment and other tasks associated with eVA, and serving in unique coordinating roles for ITS Finance. Toni must exercise considerable discretion and judgment within established procedures and authority.

Colleagues have said, “Toni is an exemplary communicator and passionate team player who operates with the utmost integrity.” “When a situation comes up, Toni is ready to tackle it. She never backs down or tires from helping others.” “Her positive attitude mixed with her wonderful can-do work ethic not only makes her the perfect example of being a team player, but of one leading the charge.” “If there's an ITS team event, Toni is there! Whether playing ITS cheerleader during kickball or wearing her polo proudly during orientation, Toni is invested whole-heartedly in ITS and its success.”

As further testament to Toni’s incredible work ethic and reputation, it should be noted that this is her second time being awarded as the ITS Employee of the Month, the first of which took place in November 2016.

Congratulations to Toni for being the February 2020 ITS Employee of the Month!

January: Juan Laguna

Juan Laguna, TSS Desktop-SciTech Campus Lead Technical Specialist

Juan joined Mason in June of 2004 as an Arlington Wage Technician. In August of 2008, Juan transitioned into a full-time role with ITS as a TSS Desktop Support Technician and in 2013 was promoted to his current role as TSS Desktop-SciTech Campus Lead Technical Specialist. On a day-to-day basis, Juan provides quality customer service and technical support to Mason’s faculty, staff, and students on the Regional Campuses. He provides IT support and maintenance for approximately 3,000 desktop and laptop computers (including Apple and PC), for peripherals (including printers, mobile devices, tablets, scanners, etc.), for over 850 VoIP telephones, and all Mason supported software.

Colleagues have said, “Juan has a great attitude and gets high praise and remarks from his customers and co-workers.” “Juan is very easy to talk to and always interested in learning new things.” “Juan is a cornerstone leader to the SciTech Campus. #OneITS #JuanITS”

Congratulations to Juan for being the January 2020 ITS Employee of the Month!