About the Award

Dimensions of Teamwork:

  • Demonstrates ownership and accountability for achieving project/committee goals/tasks
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness when faced with challenging problems and/or constrained resources
  • Works to do what is best for all stakeholders
  • Develops innovative solutions to business challenges and embraces change as an opportunity for growth
  • Exhibits an openness to new ideas and partnerships
  • Participates in collaborative problem-solving, breaking down boundaries and/or create new relationships to improve the way work gets done
  • Inspires a high level of commitment from others when taking on new initiatives

ITS project teams of any kind including, but not exclusively, teams working on PPMO managed projects, as well as members of committees and groups working on significant tasks that reduce cost, or enhance the effectiveness, or efficiency of ITS.

Nomination accepted from:
Especially ITS managers in support of the recognition of work of their teams, but any member of ITS or Mason may nominate a team.

Selection process:
The selection process is coordinated by the ITS Operations Team. Once the submissions are collected and packaged, the Ops Team will submit the nomination packages to the ITS Senior Leadership Team who review the nominations and recommend a winner.


  • Formal recognition at the Semiannual All-Staff meeting
  • Team name engraved on the ITS Extraordinary Achievement plaque that will be displayed outside the CIO's office
  • CIO sponsored/hosted luncheon with the team members and project/committee sponsor(s)

Extraordinary Achievement Award Nomination Form

EA Awardees

Previous EA Awardees
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Fall 2019: TeamDynamix Implementation Team

TeamDynamix Implementation Team

Team Members:

Kathy Adcock, Randy Anderson, Steve Broaddus, Christina Crockett, Jed Frye, Teresa Gibbons, Kristen Jennette, John Kettlewell, Stephanie Klare, Jing Lu, Jan Macario, Bates Nunamaker, Kate Orf, Andie Powell, Elizabeth Redwine, Lauren Reese, David Robertson, Umer Shahzad


This project was chartered to plan and execute the Phase I implementation of the TeamDynamix IT Service Management system.

Two of the core team's application administrators were out on scheduled leave for multiple weeks during a portion of the project, and another was hired more than halfway through the project, just seven weeks before the launch. In spite of this non-optimal staffing, the project was completed in just five months from the starting Kick-Off to Go-Live, with very good reviews from end users.

There is rarely, if ever, one "best" solution for all stakeholders. TeamDynamix does not offer the depth and breadth of the more complex and expensive ITSM tools. However, the initial implementation has resulted in a high level of user satisfaction with basic ticketing and reporting functions, and this was accomplished in a short time frame at a very reasonable cost.

Spring 2019: Banner 9 Admin Upgrade Team

Team Members:

Kathy Adcock, Jeanette Blanchard, Liz Boyen, Brian Davidson, Nikki Dinh, Mary Lulis, Nian Ma, Khoi Nguyen, Lori Polnow (lead), Abdur Razzak, Allen Santora, Belinda Taylor, Tian Wang


This project focused on implementing the Banner 9 Administrative Applications to replace Banner INB. These are mission critical back office applications used to run the university, including the management of Financial Aid, Student Records, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Student Accounts, and Human Resources. The team had a deadline of December 31, 2018 to implement the upgrade or Mason would have been out of the compliance for regulatory patches for a number of functions including Financial Aid and Payroll. The upgrade was also needed to keep Banner on a supported version of underlying Oracle software. All Mason functional units (Registrar, HR/Payroll, Financial Aid, Finance, etc.) were involved in testing the upgrade. New servers were required along with extensive integration with the central authentication service (CAS) and other applications.

The team made extensive use of the Enterprise Project Management Online (EPMO) tools, the Banner Governance committees (PEC and PCS) to manage ITS project-related tasks, and Mason unit coordination and related activities.

Communications with Mason business units during testing was crucial to the success of the project along with timely coordination with Ellucian (vendor) to assess and fix problems. The Database Support team worked extensively with Systems Engineering to develop solutions that were Mason specific, most notably for CAS. The Banner support team kept the project moving while simultaneously supporting the Banner 8 application to provide users with the ability to readily fall back to the previous release as needed while the Banner support team and Ellucian worked various issues.

The upgrade to Banner 9 Admin along with upgrades to underlying Oracle and operating system software kept Mason compliant with the regulatory needs of the functional office. The upgrade also kept Mason up to date on software (Banner) that is at the core of Mason's business.